TNA & school 3D Pisa - 3D Documentation for Archaeology

(Stefano Costa) #1

Un’occasione di formazione interessante basata su MeshLab e altre tecnologie 3D, che si terrà a Pisa a fine giugno. È organizzata direttamente da ISTI-CNR (i creatori di MeshLab :sunglasses:) come parte del progetto ARIADNE e la scadenza per fare domanda di iscrizione è il 29 aprile:

The first call for applications for 2016 is open! You should complete your application and return it to ARIADNE by Friday 29th April. Early application is advised.

The goal is to introduce: (a) the technologies for producing 2D and 3D documentation for archaeological purposes, considering both the small scale (artworks, findings) and the large scale (monuments, sites); and (b) the methodologies for providing visual access to the data gathered (considering both desktop- and web-based visualization). There will be both lessons (presenting an introduction to the techniques) and practical hands-on sessions to test and experiment with the technologies being presented. Students will be divided in small groups in the latter sessions.

(P L Buttiglione ) #2

Penso possa interessare @Saverio.g !