Un archivio dei Discorsi su ArcheoFOSS al 5 marzo 2019.

Progetto New Palmira



  • A Digital Archaeology project, collecting data from international partners, analyzing it, creating a reconstruction of Palmyra in virtual space, and sharing the models and data in the public domain. We are using digital tools to preserve the heritage sites being actively deleted by ISIS.
  • A Cultural Development project, hosting live workshops and building a network of artists, technologists, archaeologists, architects, and others to research, construct models, and create artistic works.
  • A Curatorial project, creating exhibitions and experiences in museums and institutions globally, celebrating the cultural heritage of Syria and the world through the lens of architecture embodying culture and power.

Chiedono all’utente di caricare foto o modelli 3D di Palmira in loro possesso per farne un archivio aperto e contribuire così alla ‘raccolta materiali’ ad una nuova ricostruzione virtuale del sito.


Inoltre, tutto il materiale è rilasciato con licenza Creative Commons Zero.