CHER-Ob: An Open Source Platform for Shared Analysis in Cultural Heritage Research

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Segnalo questo rilascio con annesso codice sorgente :nerd:

In realtà l’installazione è supportata solo per Windows e MacOS, ma non dubito che possa essere adattato anche per altre piattaforme essendo basato su componenti e librerie molto diffuse.

The Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Yale Computer Graphics Group have released CHER-Ob (Cultural HERIitage-Object), an open source platform developed in an attempt to enhance analysis, evaluation, documentation, sharing and management of 3D and 2D visualizations as well as textual and conservation science data.

The development of CHER-Ob is intended to offer a flexible, expandable integrated platform for collaborative cultural heritage research. It is compatible with commonly used imaging data types (2D and 3D images, RTIs, CT) and textual information. CHER-Ob offers an enhanced annotation framework and metadata schema, automatic report generation, bookmark, screenshot, searching, sorting and filtering options.

Project webpage:

Source code: